Adventurous Ants (0-2yrs)
Learning Program

School Readiness

Many people believe that very young children cannot begin learning the skills they will eventually need in school. This is untrue and is demonstrated every day in the Adventurous Ants room. These children are supported to develop independences, communication and an interest in exploring the world around them. These are the foundation of the academic skills that they will need in school. Our children are valued and supported as individual learners that have the right to direct their own development. Educators introduce mark-making and numeracy materials into their play. They are supported to learn how to participate in group learning experiences and share their interest with others. You will be surprised at what these children can achieve when we view them not as babies but as active members of the Alphabet Cottage community.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM is as much a part of the Ants curriculum as any other room. They learn through hands-on experiments and observations. They are supported to use their five sensors to learn about their world. If you don’t believe us, please come drop by and see for yourself.

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill outdoor play

Bush Kinder

Our children are provided the same opportunities to participate in the Centres Bush Kinder program as the other rooms. We have two four-seater prams that support the children to explore the local bush and parks environments. We teach them how to interact with the natural world by touching leaves, exploring the bark of a tree and observing the local wildlife. Our children are provided the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with the natural world that is not separated by plastic or glass. Our children put on their wet weather clothes and investigate the magic of falling rain and splashing puddles. If this is a view shared by you, please join our Adventurous Ants community!

Rainy Day Play

Our Adventurous Ants love learning how to jump in puddles, understanding the difference between wet and dry and so much more. This program provides children with the opportunity previous generations took for granted and sadly is less and less common. The ability to play in the rain!

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill rainy day outdoor play

Risky Play

Believe it that these children learn how to use tools in a developmentally appropriate way. They are supported to use gardening equipment, participate in our fire pit cooking program and many more exciting experiences. We support our children to learn how to balance, climb, crawl through tunnels and get the best foundation for their developing gross motor skills. We do not believe that young children need to be placed in cotton wool and prevented from learning how to deal with challenges. This program links to our overall philosophy that aims to provide a stimulation environment for your child to thrive.

Bush Tucker/Indigenous Perspective

As with the other older rooms the Ants are supported to participate in play-based learning that values Indigenous learning and culture. They are cultivating Bush Ticker plants, explore Aboriginal symbols, incorporating Indigenous weaving and constriction materials into their curriculum. Every day they participate an Acknowledgement of Country that lays the foundation for their appreciation of our Aboriginal community.

Munch & Move

The rooms educators work in collaboration with families to support their child’s introduction to heathy foods. Every child’s individual food journey is supported through our Munch & Move program. The children dissect fruit and vegetables to learn about their properties that links to their STEM and school readiness programs. Families are encouraged to come in and share recipes and prepare meals with the children. Our aim is to provide every child with the best foundations for a healthy lifestyle.


Our Adventurous Ants learn how to compost, water our garden and recycle! They are supported to participate in the ongoing Return & Earn program. They learn how to repair, reuse and recycle. They collect rainwater for their play and helped create their own compost water for the garden. Our children harvest, wash and eat organic produce that is gown in their outdoor area. Our children begin the journey of being an environmentally responsible member of society from their first day in the Adventures ants’ room! Our children have muddy hands and big smiles!

Alphabet Cottage Castle sustainability and recycling.

Daily Documentation

All families receive a daily journal electronically that documents the children’s learning and play across the day. They also receive monthly observational reports that documents your child’s development and participation in class projects. Our weekly program is displayed in the room - ‘Look what I did Today’ display and online. All children are also supported to build their own learning folders that represent their participation in the rooms curriculum.

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