Curious Crocodiles (3-5yrs): Vacancy

Learning Program

School Readiness

The Curious Crocodiles room has a holistic approach to our school readiness program. It is embedded in all our daily routines and learning activities. The children help create their own learning projects and room curriculum based on their interest. Literacy, numeracy, science, social justice and many more vital school subjects are embedded into the curriculum. We believe that children’s interests should guild their learning and that they are active agents of their own learning. All children are capable, and we explore themes and subjects that traditionally Early Learning Centres have deemed ‘too complex or challenging’ for children. If you are looking for a preschool that performs brain dissections, builds machines, documents local wildlife and much more please come visit us!

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Our children are taught be scientists! They learn how to pose questions about their world and how to go about finding the answers. We build, repair, explore and document our findings. We are not content to be a normal Centre that thinks STEM is only something that can be taught in schools.

Bush Kinder

Bush Kinder is a core area of the room that is shaping how the children and educators interact with the natural world. The children before COVID-19 were participating in a Bush Kinder program where they visited a local natural space. This program is being expanded and will eventually result in the children spending more time learning in the local Bushlands near the Centre. A Bush Kinder curriculum does not just mean children are exploring local Bush. They are taught to value and interact with the natural world that demonstrates that all the learning in a classroom can be accomplished in the great outdoors. Our children get muddy, learn how to identify local plants, protect the environment and develop a deep connection with the natural world.

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill Bush Kinder excursion.

Rainy Day Play

Our children do not hide away from the rain but are encouraged to put on gumboots and rain jackets to enjoy it! We have a comprehensive Rainy-Day Play program that is linked to our Bush Kinder curriculum.

Risky Play

This is a very important area of the rooms curriculum and informs the daily practices of both the educators and children. If children are interested in exploring how a TV works, they are supported to use real tools to investigate. We teach our children how to climb trees, cook on a fire pit and be a voice against social injustice. Risky Play means that we respect our children to be able to explore, inquire and learn.

Bush Tucker/Indigenous Perspective

Alphabet Cottage resides on Dharug Land and the children perform a daily Acknowledgement of Country. We are committed to embedding Indigenous Perspectives into all elements of the room curriculum. We explore the lasting effects of colonization and discrimination in the Aboriginal community. We are teaching the children Dharug words and phrases because we acknowledge the tremendous benefits Indigenous ways of learning and culture are for every child. We are improving our Bush Tucker garden program with guidance’s from the local Aboriginal community. Our moto as displayed at the front of the Centre is based on the 2020 Reconciliation Week “in this together”!

Munch & Move

Our room has ongoing investigations into healthy foods and fundamental movements. We invite families to come cook healthy meals, share home grown produce and recipes. The children are always encouraged to be active and to challenge themselves both physically and mentally in our environment. Children learn how good food and excises contributes to their growing bodies and minds. This program is linked to our Mindfulness program that teaches meditation and emotional intelligences.

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill vege patch sustainability


Our children are eco-warriors! They recycle, reuse and compost! They have daily sustainability jobs that support their understanding that they have a responsibility to care for the environment and all living creatures. If we find a spider, we do not kill it, we document it, learn about it and if we need to educators safely relocate it. Our children participate in rubbish pick-ups both in our Centre and in the wider community. They learn to see loose parts and recyclable materials as possibilities and not rubbish to be thrown into landfill. They participate in composting all their green waste and using it to propagate vegetables and herbs to use in their own meals. If you value your child being part of a Centre that holds sustainability as an important core value, please come join us!

Daily Documentation

All families receive a daily journal electronically that documents the children’s learning and play across the day. They also receive monthly observational reports that documents your child’s development and participation in class projects. Our weekly program is displayed in the room, online and every day come and see our ‘Look what I did Today’ display. All children are also supported to build their own learning folders that represent their participation in the rooms curriculum.

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