Busy Bilbies (2-3yrs)
Learning Program

School Readiness

The Busy Bilbies room is an active participant in all of the Centre's core learning element. Children are supported to begin developing the skills that will be extended upon in the Curious Crocodiles room. We view the Busy Bilbies as capable learners that can start developing their School Readiness skills through their play and educator led activities. We have a holistic approach to integrating literacy and numeracy development into hands-on sensory play. Children are actively encouraged to develop their pen-grips, counting and inquiry-based skills.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Busy Bilbies room love science experiments that excite and challenge their family’s ideas about what their child can learn. We explore interesting topic like electricity, lifecycles, gravity and motion. These topics of learning are influenced by the children’s interests and home experiences. We believe that the best learning occurs when it is a cooperative process been children, their families and educators. An example is if your child is captivated by a rainbow on a walk, we can explore the science behind refraction. Our room supports a holistic approach to STEM learning that sees every child as a capable learner.

Bush Kinder

The Busy Bilbies participate in this program to the same degree as the Curios Crocodiles room. They are supported to go out into our local natural environment to learn and play. These experiences are mirrored in the integration of natural materials into their daily curriculum. Our children learn to see sticks, leaves and other natural materials as instruments of play and learning. They learn to respect and value the natural world by leaving flowers for the bees and not picking anything that is still growing.

Rainy Day Play

Our Busy Bilbies love learning how to jump in puddles and finding out ‘where water goes?’. This program provides children with the opportunity previous generations took for granted and sadly is less and less common. The ability to play in the rain!

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill rainy day outdoor play

Risky Play

All Risky Play activities are conducted under educator supervision and in accordance’s with documented risk assessments. The children will begin to learn tool safety, how to manage risks and deal with challenges. They are supported to develop their independences, to deal with their emotions and peer social conflict. These skills will lay the foundation for their successful transition to the preschool room. This transition program is in collaboration with the children’s families and the preschool rooms educators. Risk does not equal ‘bad’ but as an opportunity for your child to excel!

Bush Tucker/Indigenous Perspective

The children participate in a daily Acknowledgment of Country and are encouraged to participate in meaningful Indigenous learning activities that supports the view that Aboriginal culture is ongoing, current and important. Our children help cultivate and use Bush Tucker plants in their daily meals. Learning how the First Australians use these plants and how they need to part of every Australian diet. Our children will learn how to see Indigenous Australians an vibrate, complex and essential in improving Australian society.

Munch & Move

Healthy eating and activity are embedded into the Busy Bilbies daily activities. They are supported to learn about a wide range of healthy foods and practices. They learn how to stretch, do yoga and challenge themselves physically. Each month they explore a new food and fundamental movement. Families regularly come in to share recipes and adventures. We participate in nation-wide healthy eating challenges like the ‘Big Vegie Crunch’ and help cook their own meals with our in-house chef!

Alphabet Cottage Castle Hill Munch and Move.


Our children learn about compost, worms and the importance’s of recycling! We get our hands dirty helping the environment through our many community initiatives such as Return & Earn. We have a weekly sustainability challenge that encourages the children to develop an understanding about the importance’s of sustainable practices. They have their own compost bin that feeds the Centres compost that in turn feeds our garden. If you want your child to learn why worms are important, pollution is bad and what they can do to save the planet them come join us!

Daily Documentation

All families receive a daily journal electronically that documents the children’s learning and play across the day. They also receive monthly observational reports that documents your child’s development and participation in class projects. Our weekly program is displayed in the room, online and every day come and see our ‘Look what I did Today’ display. All children are also supported to build their own learning folders that represent their participation in the rooms curriculum.

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